• Sarah

    We have been purchasing RYL Moor Mud for 8 years, we own a Health Retreat in Northern New South Wales. Our clients love having a moor mud bath, purely for the relaxing pleasure. We almost always sell the 250ml packs for them to take home as they enjoyed the relaxed feeling a mud bath gave them.

  • Jack Dunn 

    I am a painter my bones are tired at the end of the week. My son had been using this product for post muscle soreness after a massive gym session. He would take a bath.
    He suggested that I use it also. It really does relieve muscle aches and pain. Try it a very small investment.

  • Gorgeous

    Marjon I am African, as kids we used to bath in the mud flats in my country. As you know I recently purchased your mud for relaxation and you kindly gifted me the Back to Earth essential oil blend. Thankyou, both products helped me relax. I took your advice and allowed both products as their designed to do their thing. I must say I am amazed. I felt so good after the bath. Thanks again G

  • Max

    Hi Marjon, Just wanted to let you know I recently had a healing and they had your quite amazing Angelight & Soulight oils. Blown away by their love and integrity.
    Regards Max

  • Brenda Cormick

    I buy from this company the Moor Mud Bath & Bodywrap. I work on the mines in the dust and extreme weather conditions, leaving my skin dry. The mudbath relaxes me and detoxes my body. Instead of my skin feeling like leather and looking like a lizard, after a bath it feels silky smooth, and I feel amazing. I use it after every swing.

  • Brian

    Hi I am as old as the hills. My knees and joints get sore with the cold. My wife heard through our grandaughter about this mud that helps joint pain. So she investigated for me, and found these guys. I use it on the affected areas once a week, it really does ease the pain. Yes its messy but that doesn't bother me. Yours sincerely Brian

  • Angela

    I own an organic day spa in Victoria. Marjon was so helpful, and has a great deal of knowledge about not only the mud, but her oils and salts too. We now stock all three.
    Highly recommend the company.

  • Lenny & Crystal 

    Hi we found Regenerate Your Life by accident. We were essentially looking for essential oils, that we could use with massage. The oil series have such a beautiful energy.
    On recommendation we also tried the mud for a detox. We had been partying hard, felt like shit. We incorporated both products. Gotta tell you it was kinda a magical experience. Loved it!!

    Thanks Marjon Lenny & Crystal

  • Mike & Grace 

    We purchased the 1 kg tub. Whilst in Europe last year we visited Hungary, and experienced one of the many mud day spas. OMG! so when we found we could purchase it here as a one off fun thing to do we did. Let me tell you it makes you feel so good.

  • Naveen E

    Hi I have been purchasing the Ganozhi toothpaste for quite awhile now, it is well know in my home country. Recently I was in Sri-Lanka on holiday and was bitten by sand flies, I had heard that the ganozhi toothpaste was good for applying to bites, so I gave it a go, not really expecting it to work quite as well as it did. My proof was, I applied the paste to the back of my legs where the bites were really annoying me, but not to the rest of the bites, well believe it or not, the bites on the back of my legs never itched once after applying, but the other bites which I did not apply the paste to, kept itching and annoying me for hours. I would have applied to all if I had known how well it worked. Unfortunately I was in transit flying for 24 hours, and couldn't access the product as it was in my main luggage. I am hooked. Regards Naveen.

  • Debbie Beauty

    When I was asked to review this product, I didn't think I could explain how beneficial it isnot only to me but my business as well.
    It truly is a magical substance as described on the website. I have been in healthy, alternative skin-care for a long time. It is so refreshing to receive a product that doesn't have all the blah blah hype to it.
    It works simple as that, but don't think this magic mud is simple, because golly, know that it isn't.

  • Chloe

    Thank you so much for my moor mud bath product. Absolutely loved it, felt like a spa experience in my own home.
    Been a therapist myself I don’t always get to treat myself, so this was really special.
    I had a sore neck and back, so I filled up my bath, with some candles and some relaxing music. I really felt detoxes afterwards, felt like I had had a sauna.
    Plus my muscles felt better and I had best night sleep. Definitely purchasing again and recommend to my clients/friends.
    Thanks again Chloe x

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